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Please take a moment to review COVID expectations for Spring 2023. As the pandemic continues and becomes a part of our everyday lives, we appreciate you working to ensure that our Mount Mary community is safe and healthy.

Everyone should be alert to the possibility that, should COVID cases continue to escalate, the university may be required to pivot to online instruction and/or increase COVID safety plans. University leadership has developed a readiness plan that can be implemented as necessary. Communication to campus will continue as the semester unfolds – read your email regularly.

1. COVID Reporting:

  • If you have COVID-19 symptoms, have tested positive, or have had significant exposure to someone who has tested positive, you must complete the COVID Symptom Screening (for Students) or (for Employees). DO NOT come to campus until you have clearance from a staff member to do so.
  • Even if you are fully vaccinated and you are exposed to COVID you MAY not have to quarantine, but you do have to complete the COVID Symptom Screening and be approved to return to campus.
  • If someone is in quarantine because the COVID Coordinator has designated it as necessary, faculty will receive communication about quarantine start and end dates and students will need to have course modifications during that window of time.
  • Mount Mary will be following all CDC guidelines for quarantine, isolation, symptoms and contact tracing. For further information, review this link.

2. Masks:
Masks are now optional indoors in all campus spaces. Masks will continue to be provided for those who wish to continue wearing them. Masks are available at the Caroline Hall Desk, the Welcome Center, or Aleah Drake’s office in Fidelis Hall.

3. Class Meetings:
All classes will meet according to the modality listed in the course schedule (online, hybrid, on-campus). All students are expected to attend classes in the modality listed.

4. Testing Availability:
Mount Mary will provide rapid self tests to any residential student who is experiencing symptoms or was exposed to COVID -19 on or off campus. Tests will be distributed to students for use after the recommended length of exposure based on current CDC recommendations (up to date recommendations can be found here).

If a non residential student is exposed to COVID at a MMU function (i.e. class, sports practice etc.) they may also receive a test from MMU after the recommended length of exposure based on current CDC recommendations.

A test can be requested at this link and pick up will be scheduled with the Director fof Student Life. 



Employees can direct COVID questions to Senior Director of Human Resources Tonya Vlasik, vlasik@mtmary.edu, ext. 3139.
Students can direct questions to Director of Student Life Hannah Sternig, sternigh@mtmary.edu, ext. 3303.


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